A Foodie adventure

A Foodie adventure

Sharks, horses, skates seem pretty wild, in Iceland they end up in your tummy. Eating there is a whole new adventure, wild spirits and non vegan may want to try, traditional food in Iceland is not something you eat or taste everyday. The following article will prove my point. 

What’s scarier than an ocean with sharks? An ocean without sharks and a shark as a meal,  people in Iceland aren’t surprised if they see a shark on their plates, since it’s a traditional dish. Hakar,is made of a shark that has been cured with a fermentation process and hung to dry for a few months.  It doesn’t look weird until you what it’s made of. 

It’s not the only odd food you may find, sour ran’s testicles are also part of the list, poor farmers didn’t want to waste any kind of food, including rams testicles. That is probably something you haven’t eaten before. Oh and they also eat sheep’s head (Svid). 

And how do you feel about a meal named “Slaughter”?  (Slatur). It is made of sheep’s innards, blood and fat. They also call it the blood pudding. 

On the other hand, you have a meal made of whale meat; it can be eaten raw or cooked. They recommend eating it raw, like a sushi. 

But you need  a drink when you’re eating a shark or a sheep’s head, and apple juice is not the right option. Black death “Brennivin” or burning wine is. Made out of potatoes and caraway, it’s not your typical drink. 

 How do you feel? Would you try any? If you had to finish one of those meals, and you can get the help of a friend who would you choose? Share the article with him and maybe get him a ticket to Iceland where he will enjoy nice parties, beautiful landscapes and a nice adventure with food!